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  • Covid 19 Protocols
    Please note: Our 48 hour cancellation Policy fee is the intial quoted service call fee, out of town fee is $59 in town fee is $39 + Tax. this will be applied to your customer profile and balance due at rebooking. if the cancellation fee is not provided with in 60 days invoices will be provided directly, with a 30 day due date. At this time Due to our own health concerns, We will not being providing any installs at this time and any servicing that requires more then 1 hour of exsposure. For install support we will be providing video and phone support. until further notice. (these protocools may change at any time due to the current outbreak) Please note: as of July 5th 2021, masks are no longer required in public or private spaces. all of our techs have had both vaccanations. its our staffs choice on mask wearing. if you dont feel comfertable with a sales or service tech entering please inform of mask request at booking :-)
    yes, if you call for a repair and its found that only a replacment can be provided a service fee applies for a single blind.
  • Im selling my Home can i still get repairs done or replacements ?
    Yes! Generally if you are selling your home and you want the blinds to operate for showing or listing we can accommodate repairs prior to listing. some time however parts are needed to be ordered or the damage is too significant and a replacement would be required. If that is the case we will take a deposit and a copy of credit information, for parts or replacements and bill the remaining when the job is completed. if the arrivals are going to pass possession day you must inform the new owner or the agent. that they contact us once they take possession ASAp so we have the correct info to contact and make arrangements . If a new owner is not added on file by the time the parts or replacements arrive we will try to manually contact but if all else fails we will bill the remaining amount and forward the parts and replacements to the new owner, if this occurs it will be deemed as completed and additional costs with be required for install if the new owner requires it.
  • I was Charged a Cancellation fee
    Yes. as a business if you cancel a Booked appointment with in 48 hours, you will be charged a no show fee $141.00 + tax A cancellation must be confirmed, calling after hours or via email is not confirmed. Why do we charge this? many reasons 1. in order to keep costs down so we dont have to increase our pricing our techs are booked to districts. this better utilizes both time and fuel costs, miles driven and insurance. this means our techs can do an extra job a day in an area while traveling less with the increasing costs to operate this has allowed us to not increases our costs. 2. its rare to fill an appointment in a location with in 48 hours leaving a dead spot in a techs day that could have gone to another customer, costing our business revenue. When you rebook you will not be charged a service call fee on the rebook date, how ever the $102.00 is non refundable. IF ITS COVID RELATED you must call us in the office to discuss.
    Yes and No Our measurements and time are not free. we will charge the Minimum for all quotes not accepted at the appointment time. However if you accept the quote after the appointment, the minimum fee is discounted off of your remaining balance.
    Cleaning blinds is delicate, but also stressful on fabric and the parts. if you have thining strings or Damaged fabric, the issues must be resolved in order for your products to go through our machines. If we dont blinds can be litterally shredded or torn apart.
  • I contacted for warranty and was refused
    Generally speaking we do not refuse warranty for repairs. We will refuse warranty for new blinds if the manufacturer deems it to be a user issue or it continues to happen. if they refuse there is nothing we can do to fix that. For repairs its rare that we will, how ever this does happen if user error occurred. all of our techs upload photos and video when available to a customers account so we can cross reference what was done and potential damage. your tech will provide after care instructions to you for your blind or blinds. this can range from letting the blind settle before adjusting, or stretching of the blind and strings please follow these instructions and always call if you forget or are unsure, as moving a blind can cause damage or the repair that fail. We will refuse warranty if a customer is aggressive, attacking or making any staff member feel uncomfortable. we have zero tolerance for this. angry phone calls or a harassing nature in frequency and tone or attacking emails and general communication will be rejected and no refund or warranty will be provided. as this is a business disrespect will not be tolerated or any actions that come across as aggressive or uncomfortable. "you catch more flys with honey then you do with vinegar" please be respectful
    What to expect after a repair? Most blinds will full operate after repair, some may not and most require attention with in the first few days and even weeks. After every repair your tech will advice on anything further. this can range from things to watch for, stretching and adjustments, how to use instructions. as these are chartered on your customer profile, please call for any questions prior to raising lowering or adjusting the blind if you were advised not to do so for a period of time. This is common with restringing of TDBU blinds, RV blinds, Day and Night shades, Faux or real wood blinds. please call the office prior to any adjustments not advised to discuss. Why ? old blinds and new string can be tricky from time to time, day and night shades and or RV shades tend to be the trickiest how ever this can apply to some brands and styles as well. Most common issue is string stretching, causing the bottom waving or stiffness as the blind settles and stretches. generally this is sorted out with letting a blind settle and stretch out. stiffness is most common in pull cord TDBU blinds or RV blinds. as the strings slide back and forth per function they rub together and can clog the guides, generally with in a few days the blinds will stretch to a point that this stops. how ever if stiffness is ever discovered STOP immediately and contact the office, Via a phone or email. trying to force a blind up by hand or pulling can Void your Warranty, cause damage. it most cases a slight adjustment solves the issue, so leave it and reach us. if you force any recently repaired blind that is sticking up, causing more damage we will not cover a total repair. Always stop, reach out and we will contact you when available.
    Its a rare situation as we carry a wide range of parts with us at all times but it does happen from time to time, this maybe arranged in the intial contact or at the actual appointment. This happnes when a part or parts are not avilable via standered suppliers. which means we will have to asses the custom pricing for the repair on site. this is common with older shutters, faux wood, real wood blinds and uncommon Manufacturers. Please Note We Do Not Order Parts with out a parts deposit, Which will be provided to you on-site at the time of the assesment.
    Some times it just cant be fixed, if we cant fix it, we wont! its nothing personal we dont want our name or brand responsible or assciated with something we know will break. We sell a wide range of products and price points to fit any budget, we will always offer a replacment quote if it cant be fixed. And yes a service call is still required.
  • Why can't i cancel an order ???
    this heavily depends on what was ordered Unfortunately for custom blind orders, once the order has been placed we can not cancel the order. We can in some cases alter the order Ie: color or quantity but we have no ability to refund the deposit. if you look at your receipt it clearly states no refunds or returns. this is because we do everything on site, we order parts, blinds and remakes. this is apart of our agreements with our manufacturers. For parts we can typical cancel orders with a restock fee applied. For custom blind orders, the deposit is sent directly to the manufacture and a order is created for that receipt. we have no access to return the funds once the order is placed. if its been 10 mins, 10 hours or 10 days. once the form is submitted and funds are sent. We cant cancel it. In the off chance we can do something in time (rare, only once have we been able to in 14 years) the manufacturer will asses the cancelled order Ie: processed time, fabric cut or head rails) they will asses the cost of the singular stages the blind or blinds have reached and apply a cost for it. staff hours and product. once these stages have been assessed and a value associated to it they will confirm it and deduct this from the deposit and return or charge any funds remaining or left owing. We have no control over this, what they asses the cost at is what it is.
  • Why Was I charged a service call and minimum rate when nothing was fixed
    Our pricing is set for many reasons like time, hours, parts costs, insurance and many factors. Our service call is always additional, for any job a minimum rate is applied, if we have to take a blind down and measure for parts or take the blind a part or its over sized. if a blind is taken down to find a part requirement and a part is offered and the customer wants to shop around or get another opinion or refuses. the service call plus the minimum rate is applied to your appointment. IE: Calgary service :$39 + Minimum rate of $99 + Tax = $144.90 if you choose to order the parts in most cases the service call is applied to the parts cost, Please ask our techs and they will confirm this or not on site or over the phone (in some cases a day or 2 later can change this as parts costs can change daily or hourly) If parts are ordered on site the minimum rate is included in your estimate. We do not refund minimum rates if you choose not to purchase or order the parts from us or refuse the options provided.
    All of our blindpros Warranties when the manufacturers warranty has expired. the manufacturer is responsible for any replacement in that warranty window. You must contact us and we will order a replacment or the parts required whatever your manufacturer deems appropriate or you may contact them directly if you so choice. All repair warranty work is done in the same fashion as a new customer booking. please be patient as we don't alter booked appointments to accommodate. we don't accept cancelations within 48 hour, so we dont hold our selfs to a different standard. warranty will be scheduled in via area availability just as a new customer would. this is not an insult, this is how we have kept our pricing the same since 2019. our repair windows and locations are set so we can keep techs to areas to maxims location and travel time. we will 100% fit you in when we have a tech in location, please don't take this as we don't care, this is our number 1 priority for the area! if you are not understanding of this and make other arrangements, we will not be able to provide you with a refund as we don't offer refunds and any future warranty or service will be refused.
  • Does Blind pros do commercial jobs
    Yes. for both sales, replacements and repair. a commercial quote rate applies to any bids, quotes, or requests. as the time associated with commercial jobs is substantial. any quotes or requirements for the job must be detailed prior to us accepting the job this includes PPE requirements, any online courses, job site entry equipment and so on. As additional time has costs that we must work in to a job. If we are not notified of these requirements we will work with you as best as we can to accommodate with out adding more fees, however canceled bookings, transit, parts, product, rebooking because will have to be added in some form to accommodate the needs.
  • Missing parts after repair
    in some instances but not all some parts will be removed. This is rare however it is most common with end caps, due to age plastic wears and doesn't fit or hold any longer as it did, once the are removed. the will be thrown out if they are not required or impede the blind raising and lowering. this is a common practice for installs if a blind is to tight in a window, so you may have some missing already prior to a repair. all attempts are made to put them back on but some manufacturers and style this is not possible. some times extra guides are removed if they cant be replaced and are grinding on the string.
  • Are out of town calls warrantied
    No. we do not warranty out of the city limits. every job is as is. we will do what we can to assist, how ever all fees apply.
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