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Blindpros Of Calgary & Area

Warranty and policys 



Our Warranty covers both post manufactures warranty and repairs. 

With repair service and maintains guarantees

you will have been advised to check them prior to any order or booking as well as ordering in person. 

These documents are always available and updated regularly

(Please see pdfs provided with our authorization form as well as our policies and understandings and warranty documentation ) 

Notice of warranty and policy changes in effect   



New blinds or window coverings: 


Effective. February 1st 2023


effective immediately  


   1. Any and all new blinds or window covering warranties are subject to manufacturers approval.


       1A - Blindpros of Calgary or any of its representatives or subsidiaries are not responsible for any warranty claim or approval. 


        2B - all warranties are subject to manufacturer’s approval, manufacturers may deny any warranty claim they deem to be customer miss use and or customer issue. As they designate 


Time frames for approval are out of Blindpros’s control and subject to the manufactures judgment . 


       2C - Blindpros and any of its subsidiaries and or representatives are not responsible for any claim or approval or denial And will not be liable for any claim. 


We will do everything we can to advocate on your behave how ever some claims maybe denied as the manufacturer deems.  


Effective may 1st 2023, 


     2. Blindpros will not offer any extended warranty out side of the manufacturers warranty, effective immediately Blindpros’s will no longer provide any warranty  for new window coverings or parts out side of the manufacturers warranties as advised 


      2A -  Blindpros’s may submit warranty claims on a customers behalf how every their approval is completely based on the manufacture. Blindpros will advise of the decision once it has been decided. 


      2B customers will be directed to the manufacturer directly to dispute any and all claims. 



      2C. Blindpros will not attend or book any appointment to confirm warranty claims, if the manufacturer requests a visit a tech will be assigned to provide details to the manufacturer. 


       2D -  a customer may request a home visit , however standard booking fees will apply unless it’s requested by the manufacturer. 


Repair Warranty: 


Effective immediately to all customers past and present.  (January 1st 2023) 


   1.  Blindpros of calgary will no longer provide any repair warranty  past 30 days on repairs due to health Canada guide lines. 


1A - Blindpros of calgary offers a 30 day warranty on restrings only. 


1 B- Blindpros will provide a 1 year warranty on any manufactures parts they deemed to be warranty able. Upon the manufacturers approval. 


1 C- if Blindpros or any of its techs repair a blind we are only liable for the parts replaced.  If a part that was not been replaced or was not available is the cause Blindpros’s is not liable for any damages or warranty claim if the parts are not available or replaceable in anyway deemed. 


  3.  In conjunction with health Canada”s safety guidelines a blind may not be reparable at this time due to health and safety rules if this is the case all warranties or claims are null and void. 


  4.  If a warranty is requested and its deemed not reparable due to health Canada’s rules, all service fees will apply. 


  5. if a repair of any kind falls under health Canada’s guide lines, warranty or any repair request will be denied. 


  6. Any threats or negative interactions will void any and all warranties available from Blindpros’s of calgary and or manufacturers 


6 A- If Blindpros deems a customer to be negative in its interactions or threatening in nature. We will null and void any customer and we will not service them, any clams are now null and void. 


customer may contact a manufacturer directly to request service if that is the case.


  7. any request for refund or claim will be nulled pursuant to the no refund clause. 


7 A if a customer attempts to void a transaction their account will be sent to collections immediately. 


7 B- if a customer is successful in void ing a transaction all fees, penalties and total agreed sum will be will directed to collections. 


 7- C in some cases the manufacture may file a collections claim, on the customer for their penalties bank fees and or outstanding balances out side of Blindpros control and or in conjunction with Blindpros’s collection claims 


Please note if an account is sent to collections Blindpros of Calgary has no option to reverse the decision. In agreement with our manufactures any collection account is none Negotiable. D & A collection co is fully responsible for the account at that point. 


In conjunction with these terms any and all warranties are void, and are not exchangeable or refundable. 


Blindpros of calgary has a zero refund policy in effect at all times and scenarios  


Blindpros of calgary is not liable for any warranty claims or finacial out comes due to it.  Customers will be liable for any and all costs to enforce these rules. 


If a customer refuses parts or new blinds the remaining balance will be owed, if it’s not collected it will be sent to collections immediately. 


All customers will operate with In The spirit of this agreement, listed or not listed .


Blindpros of Calgary is not liable of any warranty for new blinds or window coverings and or any repairs at any point or time. 


These changes apply to any and all customers current or future, these warranty rules supersede any current or other wise warranty or policies. 


Effective immediately  these new policies over ride any and all previous polices or warranty. 


Blindpros of calgary is not responsible or liable for any delays or manufacturers delays. 


Effective immediately all transactions will require a credit cord on file. All cards must be valid  for 1 year from the service date. 


Any and all orders must have a credit card on file, no orders will be completed until a card is on file. 


Blindpros of Calgary may deny any services as it deems and is not liable or beholden to any services or claims or policies as it may decide. 


These policies are subject to change at any time for any reason without notice. 


Blindpros policies are subject to change at any time from any alterations or changes to health Canada’s health and safety rules. Any health Canada rules superseded or void any and all claims immediately. 

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