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Blindpros Policies

Please note Our policies have been Updated Due to health canada changes (June 2 2023)

It is our job to provide both a safe and healthy environment for both our customers and our staff This means and is not limited to, providing and following federal and provincial laws pertaining to health and safety.

All covid-19 Protocols must be followed, if at any time our staff or clients feel unsafe or at risk another service call will be added with out exception. see FAQ for more info. 

Parts Orders All ordered parts must be paid in full in order to complete the repair before we book job or enter a home, at least 24 hours prior too. there is zero refunds on ordered parts, if at any time a customer becomes unwilling to cooperate or provides a general aggressive stance on any order situation pertaining to a custom order of part. we will with hold the parts until the remaining balance has been covered. If at any time a customer is unwilling to cooperate or is aggressive we will bill the remaining Balance at full retail value, mail the parts and refuse to install them, you however may go to another repair or dealer to have these parts installed.  

New Blinds  All sales are final even with in 24 hours, Due to the nature of custom shades, we are unable to cancel orders, if by chance a mistake is made and we are able to cancel portions, parts of orders and or some variation an order. the full retail value and penalties are the responsibility of the front end consumer. IE:  full retail with no promotions or discounts applied. as well as interest of 18% plus a service call of $39 will also be applied.      

General We at Blindpros hold the right to refuse an order, job, install or other anytime or processes of a "job" this means failure to comply, we may refuse installs, parts, blinds or other as we see fit


to recover our costs. if person or persons refuses to pay the remaining balances upon a refusal of a job or does not comply they will be listed with every part supplier, manufacture and dealer with in our network IE"blacklist" this entails your address, phone, first and last name any any other pertinent information. a "blacklist" will not be removed until full balance and penalties have been paid directly to blindpro. 


we will work with you if a refusal has been applied to ensure your blinds or parts are delivered. with in reason 


Please note: 


If a repair is scheduled and a replacement is the only option, the service call rate will apply plus the appropriate min fee, min fees will be contributed to your order once placed how every if you choice to go another route your min fee will be forfeited and any service call fees applied. 

Min rates to be applied to orders, is only available for 30 days or to the end of the quoted options month. 

any new blind quote or repair parts quotes is valid for 7 days from the appointment date, please note if you exceed these time frames pricing may have changed and will be adjusted on a quote.  

Any custom amount service call fee or minimum rate  is none refundable. in the off chance we were not able to complete the order IE: manufacturer issue or parts no longer available you maybe entitled to a refund. How ever ever custom amount is calculate to including labor and or our rates. if a refund is issued By Blindpros or authorized by the manufacturer the Min rate Of $99 or $139 will be deducted from your refunded amount. This also applies to quotes  min rates are applied to every custom amount and may not be itemized. However every customer will be explained this in detail and in customer notes. 

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